For saving Asian vulture from fatal drugs

th09-VULTURE-2_jpg_2613149fAfter successfully campaigning for the ban on multi-dose vials of painkiller drug diclofenac in veterinary use, conservationists have stepped up pressure for withdrawing two more drugs, which they say, are fatal for Asian vultures.

It was recently that the authorities slapped a ban on the 30 ml multi-dose vials of the drug, which was largely responsible for the decline of the vultures, which used to feed on bovine carcasses. The bird conservationists pointed out that “twenty years ago there were tens of millions of vultures in the Indian subcontinent. They provided a valuable ecosystem service by disposing of millions of tonnes of waste carrion from dead cattle each year. Now they, and the services they provided, are nearly all gone,” according a publication of Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction (SAVE), a consortium of eleven organisations.

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