KICS Sharing Session: Hasiru Dala


Creating dignity and wealth out of waste

Speaker: Nalini Shekar
Date and Time: November 21, 2015 / 03.30 PM – 05.30 PM
Venue: Conference Hall, Centre for World Solidarity (CWS),
Street No.1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad – 500 017

Nalini Shekar is a social activist. Her passion is to work with the unorganized sector of labour that constitutes 90% of Indian labour. She has also worked extensively on the issue of violence against women. Her main focus now is on inclusion of waste pickers in the Solid Waste Management process of Urban Local Bodies.

She co-founded Hasiru Dala (meaning ‘Green Force’ in Kannada) by organizing waste pickers in the streets of Bengaluru into a cohesive group of waste-management professionals.

Hasiru Dala is a member-based organisation of waste pickers seeking to improve conditions of work and ensuring continued access to recyclables in the city of Bengaluru. Hasiru Dala works towards accessing the benefits of various government programs to which the members are entitled, enhancing educational opportunities for their children and advancing the quality of their lives. The membership is extended to waste-pickers, sorters and itinerant waste buyers; a majority of whom are women.

Through Hasiru Dala, Nalini Sekhar has cooperatised ragpickers in Bengaluru and given them an identity (including an administrative ID card system) and recognition. She calls them as professionals of urban solid waste management and is using many of them for urban composting and even organic kitchen gardening services for apartment complexes. 

Sharing session is one of the regular activities of Knowledge In Civil Society (KICS) trust. These are organised around contemporary themes relevant to KICS work as an exercise of learning from each other. The objective is to deepen our shared understanding of the theme and to appreciate the key cross linkages, especially in the realm of Science, Technology & Society. You can find a list of previous sharing sessions here.