Researchers map top 100 development questions

qnThe growing role of the private sector and emerging economies in development have made it onto a list of the biggest research needs to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collated by academics and nongovernmental organisations.

The list of 100 research areas, drawn up in a paper published last month in Development Policy Review, aims to highlight the most important research questions around the SDGs, which were introduced in September 2015 to replace the Millennium Development Goals.

It includes topics in the physical and life sciences — such as climate change’s impact on health and better energy distribution — along with social science issues such as making the interplay between businesses and marginalised groups fairer, and improving gender equality.

A team of 14 academics and 21 NGO representatives collated the questions, which they describe as “of critical importance for the post-2015 international development agenda”. They are divided into nine main themes, which cover governance, food security, conflict and inequalities.

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