“This frog changed my life”: Dr Biju, the ‘Frog man of India’

bbc_biswas_2The phones haven’t stopped ringing ever since Dr Biju and his team of scientists announced their latest discovery – an extraordinary tree frog thought to have died out more than a century ago. The usually quiet and cosy book-lined lab with a frosted glass door which says ‘The Frog People’ is unusually frantic.

“This frog changed my life, it made me what I am today”, he says. That was two years after the researcher published a controversial paper that claimed that up to 200 frog species were still undiscovered in India where the amphibian is generally associated with a pond frog or a common toad. “Many people said I was bluffing,” says Dr Biju. More than a decade later, the maverick researcher stands vindicated.

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