Dr. Rajammal: The champion of nutritious meals

Chennai_CITY_Ba_25_2709366eWhen the University of Madras started the first Home Science course in 1942, it was Queen Mary’s that introduced the course and Rajammal was one of the five students to join it. After getting her B.Sc. (Home Science) she taught at her alma mater for a short while before receiving a Government of India scholarship to go to the U.S. for higher studies. A M.A., M.S. and a Ph.D resulted from her years with Ohio State University, besides selection to many American honour societies.

Dr. Rajammal spent most of her life outside Madras — but those in the know will tell you about her significant contribution to the successful Tamil Nadu Nutritious Noon-meal Scheme and how she walked through the corridors of power to ensure the meal was indeed “nutritious”. But before that there was quite a career.

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