New open access venues for STS research

Sergio Sismondo, the editor of the Science and Technology Studies (STS) journal titled Social Studies of Science, highlights a wealth of new opportunities for publishing research in STS, and on the other hand for learning from that research. That there has been a proliferation of new journals and similar publishing outlets speaks to the vitality and success of STS as a field. In theoretical terms, STS has been strikingly imaginative and productive: as a result of placing under scrutiny so many things normally taken for granted, the field is constantly creating new ideas, concepts and frameworks.

All of the new venues he describes are open access and are free of publishing fees, whether they are open-access journals, zines, multi-faceted blogs or video journals. In this, they are taking advantage of the relative ease of Internet publishing. They are also depending on a tremendous amount of work by volunteers, and in most cases the support of some institutional backers.

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