New Danish Supermarket Only Sells Expired Or Ugly Food

Every year, the world throws away or loses 1.3 billion tonnes (1.4 billion tons) of usable food. Denmark alone chucks away 700,000 tonnes (772,000 tons) of food each year. To help address this problem, a Danish charity has opened the world’s first supermarket that only sells food that’s either past its expiry date or unsellable because of its appearance.

The Copenhagen supermarket WeFood says that it will offer all the usual staples such as bread, dairy products, fruit, and vegetables at prices 30 to 50 percent cheaper than normal supermarkets.

After a crowdfunding campaign last summer, the Christian NGO Folkekirkens Nødhjælp opened the volunteer-run shop, which hopes to donate its profits to support food projects in some the world’s poorest areas.


The store’s opening on February 22 was attended by the Danish Minister for Food and the Environment Eva Kjer Hansen and Princess Marie of Denmark. At the opening, the Food and Environment Minister praised the project and insisted she would continue her efforts to curtail food wastage in Denmark and the EU.

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