Status and design of environmental education in India

Protection of environment is apparently considered to be an important goal under all stages of education. Special courses have also been designed to achieve this goal. However, there is no visible positive impact on the ground. Several reasons can be attributed for the prevailing situation, which includes our lack of concern and commitment for the environment as an individual and lack of skills to tackle environmental problems, due to ineffective environmental courses. To overcome such barriers it is essential to relook and redesign environmental courses that are being imparted in the school and higher education throughout the country.

According to the petition titled M.C. Mehta Vs. Union of India, the Supreme Court of India gave various directions to the Central and State Governments for ensuring mandatory environmental education to students at the school and college level throughout the country. Complying with this initiative, environmental education is now imparted compulsorily at the school and undergraduate (UG) level across India. But we wonder how successful and fruitful this initiative has been. Are we really able to imbibe proenvironmental behaviour among the students of this country?

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