The embroiders of Kutch

FL18_K_Haalepotra__2754053gThe Living and Learning Design Centre in a Kutch village is about dialogue between contemporary designers and traditional artisans and about keeping crafts relevant. The LLDC is essentially a living museum, a place where artisans, designers, students and visitors interact and experience the 22 crafts of Kutch. It is about conservation and continuance so that artisans and their crafts have a future. The LLDC solves a problem that artisans the world over are facing: that of preserving their traditional skills and yet being contemporary enough to appeal to the market. “Many crafts were fading away because they were not economically viable for the artisans,” says Ami Shroff. The LLDC is about being an interface between the past, the present and the future, about dialogue between contemporary designers and traditional artisans, or karigars, about keeping craft relevant and especially about karigars being able to support their families and live comfortably off their skills.

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