Who owns electronic theses and dissertations?

Anup Kumar Das, writing a report on the 18th International Symposium of Electronic Theses and Dissertations held at New Delhi during 4–6 November 2015, says:

“Who owns the copyright of a doctoral thesis, and who will be the authors in case a doctoral thesis gets published as a monograph? These are the most important questions being asked in any conference related to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). The 18th international symposium of electronic theses and dissertations (ETD2015), organized for the first time in South Asia and for the second time in the Asian region, was no exception. The symposium was organized recognizing growing interests of Indian universities to make their doctoral and pre-doctoral (e.g. M Phil and M Tech) theses and dissertations visible, available and accessible worldwide through open access (OA) knowledge repositories.”

Read the full report in Current Science