ABDR: Special Issue on Biotechnology Regulation, Intellectual Property and Innovation

Asian Biotechnology and Development Review (ABDR) is a peer reviewed, international journal on socio-economic development, public policy, ethical and regulatory aspects of biotechnology, with a focus on developing countries. The March 2016 edition is a special Issue on Regulation, Intellectual Property and Innovation.

The first paper describes the technological options and choices in the age of anthropocene and climate change. The second paper discusses recent ideas in regulatory theory and practice and contextualises them for agri-biotech. The third paper gives an overview of emerging scenario in intellectual property rights and biosafety in many countries. The fourth paper is on stakeholders’ perception on gene editing and identifies the issues to be addressed for effective regulation. The last paper by comparing experiences in China and India in Bt-cotton draws key lessons for policy making in innovation, intellectual property rights and access to technology. It applies the principle of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to agri-biotechnology to suggest how the key elements of RRI can be applied in agri-biotechnology innovations.

Download the full-text PDF of the Issue here and read further Information on ABDR here