US biotech company given permission to try to resurrect the clinically dead in India

clinically-dead_1024In a controversial move, a US biotechnology company has been given permission to recruit 20 clinically dead patients and try to bring their central nervous system back to life.

If they can successfully reanimate parts of the upper spinal cord, where the lower brain stem is located, there’s a possibility that they could kickstart vital body functions such as breathing and heartbeats – something these patients can only do with the help of machines.

“This represents the first trial of its kind and another step towards the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime,” CEO of Bioquark Inc., Ira Pastor, told Sarah Knapton at The Telegraph. The trial outline can be accessed here.

The Bioquark team, which was granted permission from an Institutional Review Board at the National Institutes of Health in the US and India to begin clinical trials whenever they’re ready, says it plans to start recruiting patients for its so-called ReAnima Project immediately.

Once they’ve been granted permission from the families, the researchers will treat their 20 clinically dead patients over a six-week period in Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, India. After this, they will be monitored for several months to see if any changes have occurred.

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