Locals will now map biodiversity in Indian state

04_bmard_03_bio_05_2840546fImplementing a key section of the Biological Diversity Act 2008, state govt orders all local bodies to form committees for biodiversity management. Over seven years after the Biological Diversity Act 2008 espoused the formation of Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC), the state government has issued a Government Resolution directing all local bodies within the panchayat raj system to form them. This effectively means that Maharashtra’s biodiversity will now be mapped by locals.

The GR issued on May 2 by the state Rural Development Department asks all Zilla Parishads (ZP), Panchayat Samitis (PS) and Grampanchayats (GP) to do the needful as mandated by the Act. The committees at the ZP and PS levels will comprise seven members who will be experts in agriculture, forest products, fishery, animal husbandry and related fields.

At the GP level, the committee will be established as a Village Development Committee. All these committees can have government officers from different department as invitees and the tenure of the BMC will be same as that of elected civic bodies.

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