On the sanctity of the cow

23ep-sci_db-cows_2862942fThe Vedic People, since 1600 BCE, have bred and used the cow in their homes, community and society. While these ancient Indians were familiar with a large number of animals (horses, cats and tigers, dogs, deer, elephants and even the rhinoceros) the cow has always been held and worshipped in maternal terms (go-matha). This sanctity of the cow is respected to this day. She is tame, gentle, gives us our daily milk, and we use even her droppings for a variety of purposes.

These are already enough reasons to admire and adore her; yet some people have tried to thrust several ‘unique’ but, alas, scientifically untenable properties on the cow. D. Balasubramanian explores one such set of claims, which are found in one among several websites with similar ‘scientific’ claims, and points out whey these claims are scientifically untenable.

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