India’s top cities ranked for climate vulnerability

QSH01366INDJaisalmer, a popular tourist destination in the desert state of Rajasthan is the city most socio-economically vulnerable to climate change in India, while Pune in Maharashtra state, famed for its research institutions, is the least vulnerable, according to a new study.

Carried out by the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) and published March in Taylor & Francis Online, the study ranked 11 Indian cities by developing an overall vulnerability index (OVI) based on the weightage given to infrastructure, technology, space, and social and financial aspects. Jaisalmer topped the list with an OVI of 6.5 while Pune rated 3.7.

Trupti Misra, associate faculty at the interdisciplinary programme in climate studies at IIT-B and study leader, chose the 11 cities from six distinct bio-climatic zones with the effect of climate change unique to each zone. But, the OVI was computed purely on socio-economic factors.