Green socialists in India want to see a ‘hundred flowers bloom’

prasannaAmid even-odd debates, wooing of corporate bigwigs, swings of the Sensex and the desire to own a Maserati, a group of activists in India is talking of sustainable living and going back to the roots. The GDP, they insist, is not the index of human happiness.

There is no proselytizing or preaching against modernity or city life. They instead choose to demonstrate that machines are not the be-all and end-all of life. They believe that physical effort towards a constructive activity, even if it is sweeping the floor clean, is a better way of living life than gymming for fitness. They talk organic agriculture, eating only what you can grow, propagating the mother tongue, learning eco-friendly trades and building self-sustaining rural units.

They have no formal structure and operate in village level groups in Karnataka. The motto for the effort, as of now, is “green socialism”. And they are slowly gathering heft, showing by example and by spreading awareness that there can be an alternative way of living, one that is self-sustaining and satisfying.

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