Biodiversity in soil key for fertility, says only Indian contributor to Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas

Ninety nine per cent of the world’s food comes from the soil — crops grown, livestock maintained on it — and an estimated 25% of earth’s biodiversity is found in the soil. “Fertile soil is vital for human survival,” said Dr DJ Bagyaraj, 75, a Bengaluru scientist and the only Indian member of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Working Committee on the UN’s initiative for a Global Soil Partnership programme contributing to sustainable soil management using microorganisms.

Bagyaraj, who retired as HoD of Agricultural Microbiology at GKVK, UAS-Bengaluru and is now an Honorary Scientist and Chairman of the Centre for Natural Biological Resources and Community Development (CNBRCD), Bengaluru, which is funded by the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Science and Technology, is the only contributor from India to the recently released Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas.

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