Landmark human rights case against 47 ‘carbon majors’

0-54859300_1469708560_1200px-tacloban_typhoon_haiyan_2013-11-14The Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines (CHR) has sent a notice to 47 major oil, coal, cement and mining companies for allegedly causing climate change with their greenhouse gas emissions and violating the human rights of the people of the Philippines. The companies include Shell, BP, Chevron, BHP Billiton and Anglo American.

In a 60-page document addressed to the Commission, the petitioners have asked it to investigate the role of investor-owned carbon majors in causing climate change and ocean acidification which have affected the lives of people in the Philippines and interfered in their enjoyment of their fundamental rights. The petition also asks the Commission to request carbon majors to give details of how they plan to eliminate, remedy or prevent violation of their human rights due to climate change.

The Commission has given these 47 companies 45 days to respond to the notice. The investigation is expected to begin in October. While the CHR is not a court and cannot force companies to reduce emissions or pay fines, it can make recommendations to the government.

Read the full article in Down To Earth

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