Targeting an environmental activist

fl19piyush_prison_2956132gPiyush ‘Manush’, an environmental activist based in Salem, lands in jail for “ultra-activism” as the court terms his attempt to block a rail overbridge project.

Piyush has fought against mega industrial lobbies, powerful miners, land sharks and an insensitive State government. One of his big successes came when he mobilised local support and prevented an industrial major from mining iron ore on the picturesque Kanjamalai Hills in Salem. This enthused even the people of Tiruvannamalai, the temple town in northern Tamil Nadu, to fight off an attempt by the same industrial house to mine a hill there.

But in early July, his activities landed him in jail in connection with an incident concerned with the construction of a bridge over a railway line at Mulluvadi in the heart of Salem town.

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