First offshore tidal turbines in the world deliver electricity to the grid in Scotland

90957856_novam100cullivoecopyrightTidal energy specialist Nova Innovation said they were the first offshore tidal turbines in the world to deliver electricity to the grid. Two 100kW turbines have been installed so far in the Shetland Tidal Array at Bluemull Sound. Edinburgh-based Nova Innovation said tidal energy was a “long-term source” of predictable renewable power, with the turbines generating to full power across all tidal conditions.

Simon Forrest, managing director of Nova Innovation, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be the first company in the world to deploy a fully operational tidal array.” Mr Forrest said the deployment of the second turbine showcased the technology.

The UK Carbon Trust estimates a £126bn global tidal energy market could be developed by 2050. WWF Scotland said the turbines were another “major milestone” on Scotland’s journey to becoming a “fully renewable nation”.

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