Mumbai gets public bike share programme

bicycle_mumbai_2974348fPublic bike share programmes, which helped major cities around the world fight traffic problems and reduce pollution, made a debut on Monday, August 15, in Mumbai with a project to rent out bicycles starting in the north eastern suburb of Ghatkopar.

“This is a small experiment where we are starting with 20 bicycles which will be operating across five dedicated depots,” Kisanrao Gopale, the man behind the project supported by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai said.

The Corporation has given space for the cycling depots at five different places witnessing large footfalls on an experimental basis. People will have to pay Rs. 5 per journey, which is less than bus transport and also the “share rickshaws” unique to the city.

Under the programme, a registered person can hire out a bicycle from a depot and go to another. It helps fight traffic snarls, is pollution free and also makes the person more fit.

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