The Guardian and Science on GM crops

3500The Guardian newspaper and Science journal carried separate features on GM crops and the debates around the matter.

The Guardian writes:

The arguments about GM crops show the folly of trying to understand technology as if it stood outside political and economic power. There is nothing intrinsically wicked about manipulating genes directly, rather than through selective breeding. What is wrong and must be combatted is the use of this technology to exploit some of the poorest farmers in the world for the benefit of some of the richest corporations. The struggle between Monsanto and the Indian government shows this clearly.

Science journal’s editorial is on regulation of GM crops:

Earlier this year, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences released a report on genetically engineered crops that is comprehensive but offers few recommendations in terms of regulatory guidance. Although it acknowledges that a process-based regulatory system is becoming less technically feasible, the report suggests that regulators focus on safety aspects of technology when considering approval. We believe that products of new technologies should be regulated not only on the basis of their benefit-risk profiles, but also on their societal context and need.

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