ABDR – Latest issue on biotechnology and development

unnamedAsian Biotechnology and Development Review (ABDR)is a peer reviewed,international journal on socio-economic development, public policy, ethical and regulatory aspects of biotechnology, with a focus on developing countries. ABDR is published three times a year with support of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and UNESCO by Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), a New Delhi based autonomous think-tank, envisioned as a forum for fostering effective policy dialogue among developing countries on international economic issues.
This issue carries four papers, two reports and a book review. The emergence of biosimilars and their potential future is reflected upon in the first paper. The second paper discusses evidence-based policy making with a case study on Bt-brinjal. Theme of the third paper is perceptions of stakeholders on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and factors that affect their perception. The fourth paper analyses the future of genetically modified crops in light of the Report from National Academy of Sciences. Two reports based on consultations and expert round tables on access to technology, licensing and policy and a book review on equitable access to human biological resources add value to the issue and indicate the diversity and complexity in themes related to biotechnology and socio-economic development.