In Praise of Air, a poem that ‘cleans’ your environment

A revolutionary air-cleansing poem has removed more than two tonnes of pollution from the environment in the U.K. as part of a project that could be used to fight pollution in cities across the world, a leading British University claimed on Friday.

In Praise of Air, the world’s first air-cleansing poem, was produced by scientists and writers at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. The catalytic poem by award-winning writer Simon Armitage, Professor of Poetry in the University’s School of English, has been printed on specially treated material developed by scientists at the university that is capable of purifying its surroundings through catalytic oxidation.

The poem, which has been on display on the University of Sheffield’s Alfred Denny building since May 2014, has now reached the end of its exhibition in Sheffield, and the project team has estimated that it has removed over two tonnes of nitrogen oxide from the surrounding environment.

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