Concerns over first snow and common leopards found in same area

93556724_mediaitem93556720The first ever recorded video footage showing snow leopards and common leopards sharing the same habitat on the Tibetan plateau has caused concern among conservationists. They are worried about the future of the snow leopard’s habitat if common leopards begin to live at higher elevations in a warming climate.

The issue will be high on the agenda of an international meeting involving 12 snow leopard range countries starting in Nepal on Tuesday, 17 January. The video was recently obtained from a camera trap in Qinghai province in China. It shows both cats at the same location in July 2016.

Wildlife experts say this is the first pictorial evidence of the two cats at the same place. The snow leopard is an endangered species. One of the video clips from the camera trap shows a female common leopard with a cub.

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