UAE Reveals Plans to Build a City on Mars by 2117

c5gmjy4weaawkahThe UAE launched its space program in 2014. Though a newcomer, if the country’s development is any indication, it could become a major player in the next great space race. The Emeriti agency plans to work with their British and French counterparts, beginning next year, in order to send up an unmanned Mars probe named “Hope,” by 2021, reaching the Red Planet two years later. The Martian city announcement was made recently at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Visitors were able to gaze at a 3D model of the proposed city.

The “City of Wisdom” as it’s being called, will be about the size of Chicago, according to the announcement. Vice president of the UAE and sovereign of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced the project. “Human ambitions have no limits, and whoever looks into the scientific breakthroughs in the current century believes that human abilities can realize the most important human dream,” he said.

The first step he said, was building up science programs in schools and universities. Just as Sputnik triggered advanced science and math education programs in the US, so too will this spur such learning in the UAE. Besides that, the Sheikh plans to build an Emirate scientific group, which will include international experts.

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