The slow professor and quality in education

idea_sized-nicola-sap-de-mitri-13350165414_609616b853_oThe academy has moved to the fast lane. Corporatisation has sped up the clock, compromising teaching, scholarship and collegiality. The ‘slow movement’ – originating in slow food – challenges the frantic pace and homogenisation of contemporary culture.

‘Slow’, Carlo Petrini makes clear in Slow Food Nation (2007), is not really about speed. It’s about the difference ‘between attention and distraction; slowness, in fact, is not so much a question of duration as of an ability to distinguish and evaluate, with the propensity to cultivate pleasure, knowledge, and quality.’

Adopting the principles of slow into the professional practice of academia is an effective way to alleviate time poverty, preserve humanistic education, and resist the destructive effects of the corporate university.

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