Gates Foundation announces open-access publishing venture

One of the world’s wealthiest charities, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington, is set to launch its own open-access publishing venture later this year. The initiative, Gates Open Research, was announced on 23 March and will be modelled on a service begun last year by the London-based biomedical charity, the Wellcome Trust. Like that effort, the Gates Foundation’s platform is intended to accelerate the publication of articles and data from research funded by the charity.

Along similar lines, the European Commission (EC) is considering its own open-access publishing platform for outputs from its €80-billion (US$86-billion) Horizon 2020 research programme. At an ‘open science’ conference in Berlin on 21 March, an EC representative suggested the service might launch this year, says Sabina Leonelli, a philosopher at the University of Exeter, UK, who attended the meeting.

An EC spokesperson said that the Commission was looking at Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation models, and had asked a panel called the Open Science Policy Platform (of which Leonelli is a member) to provide an opinion on the idea.

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