The quartet which shaped the Bangalore science landscape

fl09_quartet_mgk_j_3167657gSatish Dhawan, Sivaraj Ramaseshan, G.N. Ramachandran, and H. Narasimhaiah dominated the scientific landscape of Bengaluru between 1970 and 1990 as contemporaries with uniquely distinct interests and styles. Their dedication to the cause of science continues to inspire people long after their passing.

P Balaram remembers these men, a quartet of great distinction who represent the many facets of the growth of science in Karnataka and in India. Satish Dhawan (1920-2002), Sivaraj Ramaseshan (1923-2003), G.N. Ramachandran (1922-2001) and H. Narasimhaiah (1920-2005) were indeed “great contemporaries” who were all born in the early 1920s and who left us between 2001 and 2005. They were men of varied backgrounds and widely differing temperaments, but they shared a deep and abiding commitment to the cause of promoting science in India.

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