Online Platform for histories, heritage and memory of World War Two in Asia

downloadOver the last ten years or so we have seen a rapid proliferation of museums, memorials, commemorative rituals, battlefield tours and re-enactments emerge across Asia, all dedicated to the conflicts of the twentieth century – most notably among them, the Second World War.

As an international and interdisciplinary network, the “War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership” (WARMAP), led by the University of Essex and funded by the UK’s Leverhulme Trust, brings together scholars from Europe, Asia and Australia to trace these trends and developments.

WARMAP covers both the multiple sites and events commemorating Asia’s violent pasts, and the social and political forces which give rise to such heritage and memory practices today via a series of international workshops, seminars, training sessions, scholarly publications and online resources.

The new website WARMAP maps and contextualises over 100 World War II memorial sites in South, East and Southeast Asia, a list that continues to grow. The website furthermore offers students and scholars of war and memory in Asia the chance to keep up to date with the latest publications on the topic, read about hitherto unheard voices of the war or listen to video podcasts where the WARMAP team regularly discusses memory sites across Asia, both old and new.

Visit the Indian (and Asian) memories of the world wars on the WARMAP memories here