Swaraj at 70 and Knowledge Swaraj

Rajni Bakshi writes in Firstpost:

“Mahatma Gandhi’s notion of swaraj was first and foremost focused on individuals doing their duty as citizens. For Gandhi, performance of duties was the most crucial kind of initiative required to ensure that rights are protected and realisable.

If swaraj was a destination then it might be justified to despair at how far we are from fulfilment of most all these goals. Instead, if swaraj is seen as a process then there is merit in exploring, from diverse vantage points, how the process is unfolding.”

Rajni also spoke to Kuruganti Kuruganti, who has acquired an in-depth technical knowledge of the agricultural sector over the years and has spearheaded the campaign against genetically modified (GM) crops. She has served as a member of the Government of India’s High-Level Committee on the Status of Women in India and as a member of a government panel set up in 2013 to examine the methodological issues in fixing a minimum support price (MSP) in agriculture.

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