New Edition of Technology’s Stories: Energy

Technology’s Stories offers innovative, sharp, and compelling storytelling about technology in society, past and present. It aims to engage scholars, students, and the interested general public with the usable past – with stories that can help us make sense of contemporary technological challenges and aspirations. Pieces are strong on content and light on academic jargon, making them especially suitable for undergraduates.

The latest edition is focused on Energy and consists of the following articles:

Sarah Stanford-McIntyre: “When Oil was Modern”, When Oil was Modern
Nathan Kapoor: “Batteries Not Included”, Batteries Not Included
Jonathon Free: “Meet Mr. Kilowatt: Building Demand for Electricity in the Rural U.S. 1936-1040, Meet Mr. Kilowatt
Plus a feature essay from Abby Spinak, “The Twenty-first Century Oil Encounter: Dispatches from Texas”, Twenty-first Century Oil Encounter: Dispatches from Texas