Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection

AsiaThe National History Center’s  Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection is a digital collection that offers a diverse set of documents, articles, and books to the academic community, providing instructors at all levels with the resources necessary to incorporate decolonization into their survey courses, seminars, syllabi, and more. The site contains primary and secondary sources organized by region and by theme, as well as supplemental teaching materials designed exclusively for instructors. Students at any grade level and studying any field of history can use the collection for their own research and writing.

With the Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection, the National History Center aims to promote critical discussions in history classrooms and inspire new approaches to a variety of fields. The collection features a rich assortment of scholarship from those who have transformed the field with new approaches and methods, offering aspiring scholars of decolonization much to learn from and, more importantly, build upon. Using secondary sources for inspiration and guidance, students can analyze the collection’s primary sources and approach decolonization databases with a deeper appreciation of their potential for historical analysis and insight.

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