Telangana bird-loving duo bring out a field guide


TH30SOUTHBIRDSIn the wooded environs of Bejjur and Penchikalpet Forest Ranges, among others, in Kagaznagar Forest Division in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district (Telangana, India), there are a number of avian species thriving.

In a bid to capture and document this, the Telangana Forest Department has come out with a 62-page field guide titled Birds of Kagaznagar Forest Division,which lists about 250 species, a few belonging to the rare category. About 60% of the images in the guide have come from Bejjur Forest Range.

Few know that the incidental discovery of the now famous habitat of the critically endangered Indian vulture or the Long Billed vulture (Gyps indicus) in Bejjur also set the Forest Range Officer (FRO) M. Ram Mohan and later wildlife biologist and field researcher M. Ravikanth on a mission to catalogue the avian varieties seen in the forest.

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