More than 50 nations act to reduce plastic pollution

101875070_mediaitem101875069More than 50 nations are taking action to reduce plastic pollution, says the UN in the biggest report so far. India will eliminate all single-use plastic in the country by 2022, with an immediate ban in urban Delhi. The pledge from a nation of 1.3 billion people is the most ambitious of the global plans against plastic pollution.

The UN report also reveals that the Galapagos will ban single-use plastics, Sri Lanka will ban styrofoam and China is insisting on biodegradable bags. But the authors warn that far more needs to be done to reduce the vast flow of plastic into rivers and oceans.

In many developing countries, plastic bags are causing floods by blocking drains, or they’re being eaten by cattle. The report says policies to combat plastic waste have had mixed results. In Cameroon, plastic bags are banned and households are paid for every kilo of plastic waste they collect, but still plastic bags are being smuggled in. In several countries, rules on plastic exist but are poorly enforced.

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