Scientists and subscription journals tussling for power

ef472a60e99914faf87fad4b660a43bdScientists are getting more and more interested in open-access journals. They see the advantages: more citations of their work, and a favourable eye from publishers, especially those based in Europe, who face political pressure to veer towards open access.

But two years shy of a deadline set by the European Union to make all publicly funded scientific papers in the region open-access, some publishers continue to introduce new subscription-based journals — and in the process, face pushback from the global scientific community.

“It’s the scientists who hold the power,” Tom Olijhoek, editor-in-chief of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), a global directory based in the UK, tells SciDev.Net. “The seller of services depends on the customer, not the other way around. So if scientists or funders choose open access, publishers will have to comply. You see this happening now.”

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