A visual history of the ozone hole

ghat_a_1413209_uf0001_ocProbably no other icons in the history of the Earth sciences tell this story better than the images associated with the famous discovery of ozone depletion published in Nature in May 1985 just over 30 years ago. Published in the British journal Nature in 1985, the iconic graph documents plummeting ozone values measured continuously by researchers of a small research group of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on the Antarctic continent at Halley Bay and on Argentine Islands since the beginning of the International Geophysical Year (IGY, 1957–58). As the author shows, the ozone visualisations bring together some of the key issues involved in the production and reception of global environmental images – such as the robustness of scientific data, the trust in images and finally the limits of the visual – and offer important insight into the great challenges they imply.

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