Gender sensitivity in agricultural extension

198461_indian-farmers-womenAgriculture is the mainstay of the global economy and women play a significant role in the sustainable development of the economy. They contribute in agricultural activities often at par with men by justifying the ancient African proverb ‘without women we all go hungry’. Women play the main role in agriculture from manually growing crops to agroprocessing to homemaking. More than half of the world’s food is grown by women, but worldwide her hard work has been unpaid. Most of the time their inputs are less recognized, their importance and contributions are never acknowledged, because their service does not contribute enough in the direct material income. Urbanization and migration has resulted in a shift towards feminization of agriculture. It has also been documented that delivery of Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) has not equally
benefited men and women farmers in rural areas. The gender division of labour in agriculture means that female and male farmers usually have different extension needs. However, extension services worldwide remain dominated by men.

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