A decade of open source drug discovery for TB

In this article, Nisha Chandran and Samir K. Brahmachari estimate the economic benefit of open source drug discovery (OSDD) programme for its decade-long effort of developing newer and novel therapeutics for TB by streamlining the upstream research and development (R&D) of the drug discovery pipeline. The OSDD programme, presently subsumed into the India TB Research and Development Consortium (ITRDC) project led by ICMR, has opened up a novel method of asset utilization and capacity building at a negligible cost, leading to positive economic impact. The OSDD programme has also become an instrumental part of shaping the National Intellectual Property Rights (NIPR) Policy, 2016. This calls for a policy directive as programmes such as OSDD can be a powerful strategy in dealing with the excruciating disease burden of TB and other neglected diseases that countries such as India are facing.