Will the field of history survive?

istock-849243924_0Below is a link to and excerpt from a story that appeared in Inside Higher Ed summarizing a study carried out by the American Historical Association and reported in Perspectives on History.  The comments are also of interest.  The AHA report, entitled “The History BA Since the Great Recession: The 2018 AHA Majors Report” by Benjamin Schmidt, can be found here.

Data from the AHA and other sources indicate that history majors go into a variety of careers and that employers value what they bring to the hiring table. So Schmidt says that in many cases, ‘this anxiety over career prospects for history majors is probably misguided.’ The increasingly common practice of ‘lumping a wide variety of disparate fields together as STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] is probably giving students and their parents excessive expectations about the earning potential conferred by many science and technology degrees,’ he adds. ‘While engineers in their 20s can indeed make salaries that would make most full professors of history jealous, science, technology, and math majors are much more of a mixed bag.

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