Young and wasted: 2018 Global Nutrition Report

FL04MALNUTRITIONDEATHSVILLAGENAGADAThe 2018 Global Nutrition Report points to the link between income and malnutrition but falls short of examining critical factors such as enhanced public spending that determine the levels of hunger and nutrition.

In 2017, fewer than one in five children, six to 24 months of age, in the world ate a minimally accepted diet. More than half of them in the same age group did not get the recommended number of meals, and only two-thirds of the infants from six to eight months ate any solid food at all. In short, the burden of malnutrition, globally, was very high. South Asia was home to 38.9 per cent of the world’s stunted children, while India, Nigeria and Pakistan accounted for half of all the stunted children. India was also home to 25.5 million “wasted” (low weight for height) children. India, Nigeria and Indonesia were home to the largest number of children in the “wasted” category. These and other dismal statistics are part of the 2018 Global Nutrition Report, the outcome of a multi-stakeholder initiative started in 2013.

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