Knowledge in Civil Society (KICS)

is a forum for conversations among practitioners and academics on issues relating to science and democracy, cutting across different sectors. KICS has been started as a platform to deal with hitherto neglected aspects of science and democracy, to lead to a more people-centric science and technology policy. KICS seeks to bring about change through a process of dialogue, common exploration and joint work by various stakeholders. The effort is to ensure that touchstones like sustainability, plurality, people-centrism and justice drive any effort in the context of Science & Technology for Development.

As a forum, KICS promotes pro-people alternatives and dissenting viewpoints, allows for articulation of non-conventional views and debates that cannot find easy voice elsewhere. It seeks to open up spaces for public policy on issues relating to science and democracy.

Started in 2005 as a network supported by Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) in Secunderabad, KICS is now a Public Trust registered in 2008. You can learn more about KICS and its activities on the organizational website at www.kicsforum.net